We are THA local brewery in JAPAN, KOBE!

Designed with passion

We are running a small craft beer brewery in a small town Kobe, Japan.

Craft beer… Rather, we call THA beer we make local beer.




From THA outside. It’s really good ,right?

We’re located in a small shopping street. U can see people walking outside because we have THA big windows 👀

The shop opposite is a very delicious Japanese sweets shop🍡 It’s always full of customers, and it’s fun to see them shopping. At night, we’re lit up nicely. It is a perfect place to swear on your sweetie❤️

外から見るとこんな感じ。いいでしょう? 私たちのお店は小さな商店街の中にあります。窓が大きくて外を歩く人が見えるよ。お向かいのお店はとってもおいしい和菓子屋さん!いつもお客さんでいっぱいで、お買い物している様子を見るのもとても楽しいです。夜はいい感じにライトアップしています。好きな子を口説くのにもバッチリな場所に仕上げています。


How we work, What kind of people we work with, Thoughts as a local brewery, About the beer we brew,,,, We will send you various messages here, so please follow me🍻 We share the right information in more detail than anywhere else. Because here is THA place where our voices reach ourselves. Stay tuned!