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We’re brewing the local beer in Kobe, Japan. Started in 2015. At first, we had a discussion about making beer in Kobe. “What kind of brewery do we aim to be?” “What kind of beer do we want to make?”



Our answer is only one. To become a brewery firmly rooted in THA town of Kobe. To complete a beer that can only be made in Kobe.

Around 2015, when we started brewing, we felt that the Japanese craft beer industry was greatly influenced by the US. Certainly, it’s a taste that is not found in any major Japanese company, and it is exciting and we love it. But we didn’t want to be after America. Belgian beer also has a famous festival, and German beer is also a strong favorite. Everything is delicious and we love them, but we wanted to make something that was none of them.




Our goal is to complete a beer that only we can make. It can only be completed in Kobe where we live.

At that time, it was common for the industry to use raw materials from overseas, and breweries that used Japanese raw materials to make beer were rare. That from Japan are very expensive and, above all, it is so difficult to get them for small breweries like us. Domestically produced barley malts and hops are grown by farmers who contract with a major beer maker.

In our hearts. We thought, “We want to make beer using raw materials from Kobe”. But on the other hand, we also thought, “Absolutely impossible!” The hurdle was too high. (But now we’re trying to do that. we’ll write this story again next time)

But, after all! Water, which accounts for 90% of beer, is important. We wanted to use natural water there! We’ve thought and decided.

Since the first brewing in July 2015, we have been using 100% of Kobe’s natural water “Nunobiki no Mizu (Kobe Water)” to make beer. It is both laborious and costly. Very hard. But we will never spare such an important point. We are THA only ones who make beer with this natural water. Only IN THA DOOR BREWING beer!





私たちは2015年7月の記念すべき第1回目の醸造から全て神戸の天然水「布引の水(神戸ウォーターと呼ばれてる)」を100%使用してビールをつくり続けています。水道水でつくるより手間もコストもかかるけど、そういうところは絶対に惜しまない。この天然水でビールをつくっているのは私たちIN THA DOOR BREWINGのビールだけだよ!)