Are U enjoying your LOCAL??


Do you enjoy living in your LOCAL?

We are really enjoying a very fulfilling local life. Today we would like to tell you about the local market in Kobe that we are looking forward to every week.

みなさん、自分が住んでいるその地域で暮らすことを楽しんでますか? 私たちはとっても充実したローカルライフをエンジョイしています。今日は毎週楽しみにしている神戸のローカルマーケットについてお届けするね。





This is the market every Saturday morning. Farmers in Kobe sell seasonal vegetables and fruits.And restaurants use the fresh vegetables to make breakfast, bake sweets, make juice, and process them into various delicious foods for sale.




And in our case. We sell beer early in the morning. We are recommending Morning Beer. Beer is a delicious drink at any time, but have you ever enjoyed it in the park? Moreover, in the morning. That’s really great. If you haven’t done so already, you should definitely try it. The day starts fluffy, laid-back, fun and smiling.




Start shopping time with a cup of coffee! We get most of what we usually eat at this market. And we also use local vegetables in the dishes served at our restaurant.




What is this? I have never seen it! Lots of mysterious vegetables.

なにこれ? こんなん初めてみた! って言う野菜もいっぱい。



Farmers will teach you how to cook vegetables that you have never used. Alright! I’m sure we can cook deliciously! Continue shopping with Smile.

使ったことのないお野菜の良い調理法は農家さんに教えてもらいます。これでオーケー。きっと私たちにも美味しく調理できることでしょう! ニコニコスマイルでお買い物続行。



Farmers write their farming methods on signboards, talk directly to customers, and introduce how they grow vegetables locally. For example, this farmer reuses the yeast after we brewed beer as fertilizer for the fields.




It’s autumn. Try hanging a persimmon …




Jack O Lantern!!!




This morning’s breakfast was oden with plenty of autumn taste.



We think eating seasonal foods is a shortcut to local enjoyment. And one day we will find that we can enjoy the locals other than eating.




Chatting under the tree. Our new beer ideas come from casual conversations with farmers. The Kobe Local Beer Project we are working on also started from such a conversation. ※We will inform you more about the project later.

木の下で談笑中。農家さんとの何気ない会話から私たちの新しいビールのアイデアが生まれたりします。 私たちが取り組んでいる神戸ローカルビアプロジェクトもこんな風に朝のマーケットでの談笑からスタートしました。※プロジェクトについてはまた詳しくお知らせします。


It’s not just delicious. One of the attractions of the local area is the people we work with. We are brewing beer in this way, supported by various local blessings. This is everyday life. But think again. It’s so luxury, right!?



Please check out this market when you come to Kobe. By the way, there is an autumn festival at the end of this month! Click below for details.

神戸に来る時はこのファーマーズマーケットをぜひチェックしてみてください。ちなみに今月末に毎年秋の恒例のお祭りがあるよ! 詳しくは下記をクリック。)





The Naruto-orange juice is also delicious! See you next Saturday!

なるとオレンジのジュースもおいしいね! ではみなさんまた来週の土曜日にお会いしましょう!