The encounter that made us feel destined. LOCAL HOPS and us.

Today, let’s talk about the wonderful encounter we felt destined for. Local hops and us.



That was 2015 when we started brewing. I think it was August. After working very hard on that day, he was finally alone in the store cleaning up. Oh, let me tell you first. He’s a big man, but he’s scared of ghosts.



It was past 12:00 in the midnight. He felt like someone had knocked on the shutter at the store. But he thought it was a fault and ignored it. Because he’s just afraid of ghosts. Lol.

“Knock Knock!” After all, someone is knocking. He looked at the door while fighting fear. Then he saw two eyes peeking through from the post! OMG!!!


「コンコン!」やっぱり誰かがノックしてる。恐る恐るドアを見るとシャッターのポストの隙間から覗く二つの目が! ※書いててウケる笑


As an aside, in Japan, the summer tradition is a ghost. There is a legend that the dead people return every August.



He was so scary. But he acted like afraid nothing. And he dared to open the shutter. A man standing there. He has a bag in his hand. The man was our friend Daisuke. Daisuke said, “If you like it, give it a try.” And he gave us the bag. There were many hops in it♡

別に誰も見てないのに「全然怖くないし!」みたいな演技しながら勇気振り絞ってシャッターを開けたボス。するとそこに立つ一人の男。手には袋を持っている。よく見るとそれは私たちの友達であるだいちゃんでした。一安心! 「よかったらこれ使ってみて」とだいちゃんが渡してきた謎の袋。中にはホップがたくさん♡


This is our wonderful encounter. By the way, why did he bring a hop at midnight? ? It is a mysterious Daisuke.

これが私たちの素晴らしき出会い。それにしても今思えばなんで夜中に持ってきたんやろな?? 謎な男、だいちゃん。


He grows hops as one of his housefarming in Chuo-ku, Kobe. But the quality is perfect. He is not a farmer, but do not underestimate him. He grows awesome hops! They are “centennial hop”, but we call it “Kasugano Hop” with love.



Five years have passed since we met in 2015. Kasugano hops are becoming better year by year. We have been holding a hop festival every year for the last 5 years. This year’s Hop Festival will be held this month or next month. At this festival, we bring fresh hop vines to the store and hang them inside. Customers cut it with scissors, harvest it, float it on beer and drink it. Very nice aroma! We will let you know about this year’s schedule on SNS. Please look forward to it.

2015年の出会いから丸5年。年々立派になってゆく春日野ホップ。この5年間毎年欠かさずホップ祭りを開催していて、今年も今月か来月くらいにやろうと思ってる。このお祭りはフレッシュなホップを蔓ごと店に持ってきて、店内につるし、それをお客さん自らハサミで切って収穫してビールに浮かべて飲むの。すごくいい香りで最高! 今年の予定が決まったらSNSでお知らせするので楽しみにしていてね!